After years of practicing earth and other natural materials, we have specialised in techniques that have proved to be ecologically sound. With this knowledge, we at AuroYali wanted to ensure these techniques are available to all. 

Aimed at spreading awareness and motivating usage of Eco Construction techniques among architects, engineers, students and the general public, we conduct workshops on these techniques throughout the year.

To spread knowledge. our workshops are community oriented and we use it as a means to explore the needs of people and communities in Auroville. We try to solve them using our skills and the working power of the trainees. 

Workshop with us will make you skilled and your work will support local communities.

The workshops that we offer

Compressed stablised  earth blocks(CSEB) technology has its roots in the millenia old tradition of building with raw earth. Since the 1950s, through research and development in both the field and the lab, a solid basis for CSEB technology has been achieved. 

Building a rammed earth wall involves compressing a damp mixture of earth that has suitable proportions of sand, gravel and clay into an externally supported frame, creating a solid wall of earth.

Cement mortar is reinforced with layers of continuous and small diameter wire meshes. This technique helps create flexible walls and roofs, furnitures and many other sculptures. 

Bamboo is an excellent natural material that is flexible, lightweight and creates an earthy aesthetic. Various joining techniques are explored that can be used to make various structures, furniture and other handicrafts.

Timbrel vaults are usually parabolic structures that are constructed with thin, light bricks that support themselves. 

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