AuroYali is a team that consists of architects, engineers, masons, carpenters, metal fabricators and other teams that are required to start and complete a project. Come to us for a turnkey project!

  • Architecture

    Our architecture team puts all effort in providing the most satisfactory designs for the clients. We deal with earth architecture and incorporate these techniques in all our designs.

  • Construction

    Our construction team consists of a project manager, engineers, masons and helpers that will bring the design into life. They are an experienced group that has worked on various construction techniques and materials.

  • Carpentry

    The carpenters in AuroYali are extremely skilled and have been working here for many years. Our carpentry team works on doors, windows, furniture, interiors for roofs, floors and various other products.

  • Metal Fabrication

    We provide gates, staircases, handrails, metal roofs, furniture and anything else required by you.

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